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July 2014


Yep, another, different picture for my last issue! This one was taken at one of our previous Convention’s Memorial Service. I am on the left (I recognize the jacket (!!). This is how we stood, as the names of our Fallen Heroes were read. It always reminds me that we are not alone; that we need the support and shoulders of others, even when we do not know how to ask for it. The bonds of sisterhood are eternal; please treasure the moments and help those around you who are in need of hugs. A big hug goes a long way.

Recently, President Obama thanked members of the military, saying: “You keep us safe, and you keep the United States of America a shining beacon of hope for the world.” I would add those thank you’s to our precious veterans and to the families of our Fallen Heroes. All who have contributed and sacrificed so much, ensuring that we enjoy all of our freedoms, should be honored and revered for all that they have done.

Of course, I would also add my thanks to all the moms (and dads) who have raised fine, upstanding citizens who thought the world would be a better place if they opted to serve their country via the military. It is because of the values you taught to your children, that sense of honor, integrity, respect and compassion for others, that makes America second to none.


More Thank you’s

My son had hoped that he would be able to attend part of convention, but in the Army’s way, it is not to be. He wanted to address the delegates and all the members with a few words, so I am going to share them here.

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being there and doing what you do. Although I do not know who you are, or the names of all of the volunteers who supported you, I can tell you that I felt your support, love and respect every single day of my military career.”

“But I have to thank you for something more important. Because of the Blue Star Mothers’ organization, I knew that I did not have to worry about my Mom, no matter how bad things got. I knew that she would be surrounded by friends, colleagues (she calls you sisters) and because of that, I did not have to worry about my Mom. Because of you, I could focus 100% on my mission knowing that Mom would always be taken care of. So, thank you for always being there for her in the past, and I am sure you will be there for her in the future!”

I am sure that all of our children feel the same way!


Convention Update

Real quick:
1. we still have room for vendors. Book your space now!
2. Chapters MUST send in their chapter delegate forms ASAP
3. over 130 registrations have been received
4. Silent Auction items – the more, the merrier; please be sure to send us any item as this is one of the convention’s fundraisers.


As my term comes to a close

This will be the last President’s Page I write as I will be termed out in August and someone else will be communicating with you. My goal was to keep you informed, acknowledging that not everyone raced to the webpage to see the latest Minutes, or financials or other news, LOL.

I have appreciated so much, hearing back from you as you responded to my various writings. To know that we were on the same page, sharing similar thoughts and concerns, or that you disagreed, and could write back to me sharing your concerns – it was an important element of staying in touch. Although I will never meet all of our members personally, I felt that our emails brought me closer and closer to each of you and gave you more insight in terms of who I am.

But this organization is not about me – it is about our kids and supporting what they do. .I will be forever grateful for my son’s decision ten years ago which has allowed me to take this journey of a lifetime. Many thanks to my NEB Officers, my chairwomen, the Webmasters, all the committee volunteers and everyone else for stepping up and taking on new responsibilities so that we could meet the requirements of our mission; without you, we simply would not exist.

I foresee a wonderful future for this organization; we are always there – when wars are fought and when they are not. We have so many opportunities to help our veterans, and should be supporting them every step of the way. It is the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference, and we excel at making miracles out of very little! I encourage you to continue to make someone’s life a little better than it was the day before – pay it forward!!

Convention is about 3 weeks from now, so be sure to register and be a part of history! I look forward to seeing all of you there!

Yours in service, and with the deepest gratitude possible for the support you have given me during the past two years. When I think of you, and all that you have done, tears flow and smiles form.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Pat Soler
National President


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