Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc




National Convention 2018 ~ Arlington VA





 National Board 2018-2019




Office BSMA  
President Anne Parker~FL
 [email protected]
1st VP Stacy Anders~ CA
 [email protected]
2nd VP Paula Lombardo~ OH
 [email protected]
3rd VP Teri Reece~ VA
 [email protected].us
4th VP Kathleen Fowl~ TX
 [email protected]
Recording Secretary Rebecca Stafford~ MO
 [email protected]
Financial Secretary Brenda Ternullo~ CA
 [email protected]
Treasurer Carla Brodacki~ MI
 [email protected]




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Blue Star Mothers now part of the CFC!

If you are a federal employee, postal worker or member of the U.S. military, please consider donating to us through your Combined Federal Campaign.

Our CFC/OPM is 34583.

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