Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I renew my membership? Please sign into the website with your username and password and use the renew now button. (be sure to click on the correct payment type form either Credit/Debit or E-Check form)
  2. How do I transmit dues to National after the chapter has collected the dues (unless you are a part of the department)? Go the Quick Links on the red side bar that says Chapter and Department Resources and select Chapter Dues Report (either Credit Debit card or E-Check).  List the members you are paying for (either new member or renewal) and then pull down on the total number of members you are paying for on the drop-down box above where you list the members.   For new members scan (or take a picture) of the new member’s application and send to [email protected]
  3. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding membership?  Email [email protected]
  4. Who do I contact if I want to start a chapter near me? Email [email protected]
  5. Who do I contact regarding compliance for my chapter? Email [email protected]
  6. If my chapter is a member of a department, what do I do with membership dues? These are remitted to the Financial Secretary of your department.
  7. If I have questions regarding Blue to Gold, who do I contact? Email [email protected] 
  8. Where do I send submissions for the newsletter? Email [email protected]
  9. Where do I find the printable copy of the membership application? You can download it here
  10. How do I get a membership card? This is a printable form found under the Chapter/Department Resources tab.  Each chapter may download the template, print on card stock and fill out to give to members after their dues are paid.   Ask your Chapter President or Financial Secretary for your Membership Card.
  11. How do I order Blue Star Mother from the online store items? Go to the link here.  Make sure to choose the correct payment method.