Communication is a key element in every organization.  Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. is no different.  In an ongoing effort, we are developing new communication methods to both get our message out and to draw in new membership. While one of our focuses will be on print media – submitting press releases to local and national newspapers, we will also be reaching out through social media.

One of our goals is to speak with one voice – meaning we want to be consistent in our communication efforts. Therefore, we have identified that providing Chapters with templates for press releases will give them a tool to get their message out to the media.  We hope that every Chapter takes advantage of the press release template; and, if you haven’t already, get email addresses of the editors of all your local papers and radio station managers.  Create an ‘email group’ for them so you can provide them with a press release for every event.  You will be surprised how many will give you advertising as a public service.

Additionally, going forward, we will add social media tools for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  It will take some time to build our social media foundation so jump on board with us as we guide you through the process and be patient!  We may not see immediate results.

Finally, we will be adding letters that have been successful for donation solicitation.  Feel free to use these donation letters and templates as tools for each of your Chapters.

We urge you to share documents you have created that have successfully accomplish your purpose.  Working together, we can get our message out and build membership!

Pam Travis, Chairman, Public Relations Committee