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Thank You

to Blue Star Mothers


We frequently receive letters and emails from the troops thanking us for our efforts and various chapter activities.  In order for the members to all share these thank you notes this page has been created for our brave men and women in the military to let us know how we are doing.


To the military men and women who post here - please do not include any personal information as this is a public page.  If you know the name of the chapter you want to thank please mention it.

If you have questions or concerns you want a reply to please contact webmaster@bluestarmothers.org

--- On Thu, 11/12/09, (Name removed) N 2LT MIL USA USAMEDCOM wrote:

I just wanted to send you an email and let you know that what the Blue Star Mothers of America organization is doing is so important and is truly a blessing. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I am an Army nurse at Walter Reed. As you probably know, we get a great number of wounded warriors who are not only physically injured, but some are also emotionally hurting as well. Some of these men and women have numerous visitors, which I believe makes their transition much easier. However, there are some who don't get many visitors, for whatever reason, and I think that this can take an emotional toll on them because they feel as though no one cares about them or appreciates their service, which is not the case at all. As a nurse and soldier my words can only go so far with these soldiers. It means the most to them when they hear good things from someone outside the military.

Today I saw your group of people when you came to visit some of our wounded warriors and I got to talking to a gentleman who's mother is in your organization (I think his name might be Daniel). I noticed that he was wearing a Sooners hat and asked if he was from OK (who else, but a true Sooners fan would wear a Sooners hat this season?!). He told me why y'all were there and that y'all had just been to visit some soldiers. I know that the soldiers that you all visited greatly appreciate the time that y'all take out of your schedules to come all the way to DC just to visit with them and let them know they ARE appreciated and what they do IS important.

I work with these soldiers day in and day out and I can always tell when someone has been by to see them because they are in greater spirits and are smiling more.. So thank you all for your caring hearts, your loving spirits, and your smiling faces. Your support is what keeps our soldiers going in times like these.

Have a great weekend and God bless!

Very respectfully,

2LT (name removed)

"Bless the LORD, who is my rock..
He gives me strength for war
and skill for battle."


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